“Less, Please!” is a battle cry against excess, busyness, and distraction. We want to push ourselves and our readers towards contentment, presence, and making proactive choices toward a simpler, more beautiful life.

Allison- In third grade Ms. Mullins sent a note home that read:

“Allison lacks organizational skills, daydreams instead of completing her assignments, and won’t stop talking in class.”

That note pretty much sums up the struggles I’ve had my entire adult life.

Elaine- I can picture exactly where we were in the car when I lamented to my husband that I felt like a total failure in keeping our home clean and organized. This wasn't a new conversation, but what set it apart was that I'd given up on trying some new strategy or resolution. Instead, after 25+ consistent years of messy school desks, backpacks full of crumpled paper, mountains of both clean and dirty laundry, and car trunks brimming with an unbelievable tangle of who-knows-what, I mused that I had some undiagnosed learning-disability-type-thing that made it impossible for me to overcome my constant state of disorganization.

These confessions should make it clear that we are NOT experts who have the art of minimalism figured out, owners of perfectly pruned fiddle-leaf fig trees, or style icons with monochromatic wardrobes (or even people who shower with some regularity).

We're writing this blog as simplicity enthusiasts who are exploring different ways of adding a little more contentment and breathing room to our everyday lives by proactively pursuing less. We've each begun growing in this - through books, habits, and friendships - and we're excited to keep developing as we go.

We want to embrace liberation through limitation rather than passively getting pushed around by the current of our culture. We want to experience the impact of proactively setting limits on what we consume, what we do with our time, and how we use our technology so that we can give more attention to the things that matter most.

Less, Please! is where we share strategies we’re excited about in hopes that they will help others apply the concept of "less, but better" to real life.