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Pace & Pattern is about being present and having breathing room. Focusing on what matters most. Embracing fresh starts, and taking small steps to achieve big dreams.

It's NOT cramming more on your to-do list, or feeling guilty about all those things you said you would do but aren't doing.

It's about simplifying your time: fighting the cultural current of business and proactively making your 'ordinary' a little more beautiful by letting your values set your pace rather than the other way around.


Pace & Pattern is a system designed to help you clarify your personal vision and integrate your goals into your real life.

This planner takes you from a high-level purpose, through setting meaningful and realistic goals, into mapping out your months, weeks, and days.

Resources for Using Pace & Pattern

Sustainable Goal-Setting - The Pace & Pattern Method, is a subtractive as well as additive approach to setting goals meant to help you simplify your schedule & to-do list by focusing on what matters most.  This 5-step process is designed to empower you to choose a few meaningful goals that align with your values and integrate them into your real life.

How-to video: Using your vision and intents to plan your week.

Free Downloadable Vision & Intents Worksheet

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