Hey I’m Allison!

I am a southerner who was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. My husband Joseph and I moved to Indianapolis three years ago, where we now live with our spunky and courageous toddler, Gwyn, and 9-month old cuddle champ, Max, in a pea-soup-colored house in an urban neighborhood that is a couple of blocks from our church, Soma, where Joseph is on staff.

I currently spend the majority of my day wrangling Gwyn and Max; by night and naptime, I’m creating this blog and a goal-setting/habit formation agenda that I hope to print and sell this fall! When I’m not doing that I enjoy painting, drinking whole-milk vanilla lattes, talking about Myers-Briggs and playing board games with Joseph.

And, I'm Elaine.

My husband Keith and I ended up in Birmingham, Alabama after college, and after eight years I can't imagine a greater place to live or a better time to live here. We live in a neighborhood just east of the city called Crestwood with our girls: two-and-a-half-year-old firecracker, Olivia, and 9-month-old dream-baby, Laurel. We enjoy living within about a five-mile radius of dozens of our best friends and favorite activities, which include going to the zoo,  burning off energy in an eclectic offering of parks in the area, getting lost in the botanical gardens, and partaking in the city's excellent food scene.

I recently pushed pause on my career as a Spanish teacher to be at home with my girls and I love it. I enjoy food, cooking, and I'm addicted to food television (currently, Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown). I dabble in photography and sing a lot.