Jumpstart your Capsule Wardrobe

Jumpstart your Capsule Wardrobe

If you are just joining our second-hand summer capsule wardrobe challenge here’s a list of resources to inspire and help you on your journey!

Capsule Inspiration

Unfancy– Caroline breaks down what a capsule wardrobe is in a clear and thoughtful way. She also has some great style inspiration on her blog.

Into Mind- A great 10 step series on clarifying personal style with an emphasis on minimalism and responsible fashion.

Project333- An awesome post on the power of less to keep you inspired!

Cladwell- A fun and easy to use tool to help you build and make the most of your capsule wardrobe.

Second-Hand Resources

ThreadUP- A super easy way to sell all those clothes you’ll be purging. (They send you a clean out your closet bag in the mail and you can send them your stuff to sell without having to pay shipping!) Also, a great place to find second-hand treasures.

Poshmark- Is a social platform you can use to sell the cast offs from your closet (and earn serious cash, I sold an old dress and made $40 last night!) + Find new-to-you pieces from the closets of women across the U.S.

Swap-a-roo- Similar to Poshmark, another social media forum to sell and buy second-hand goodies.

Goodwill- Give them a call and they will come pick up all that stuff that’s gathering dust in your closet and sell it to use the profits to benefit the community.

Career Wardrobe- Donate your old clothes and empower women living in poverty.

Facebook and Nextdoor trading groups - Are also be a great way to use the net to find new-to-you clothes and pick them up locally. You may even make a new friend in your neighborhood!

Local Thrift Stores: In Indianapolis, City Thrift and Value World are a couple of great options. In Birmingham, try Sozo Trading Company or Lovelady Thriftstore.

Local flea markets- Can also have some surprisingly great finds!

Clothing Swaps- One fun way to purge old stuff and find some new favorite items for your capsule is do consider getting a group of friends together and doing a clothing swap.

We are NOT experts on capsule wardrobes or shopping second-hand, so this is not an exhaustive list! As a matter of fact, we would LOVE for you to point us in the direction of other great resources that should be added!

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